Salin Plus – Salt Therapy Range

SUKI – Dehumidifier Range – From Damp to Dry – Goodbye Dust Mites

How Salin Plus Salt Treatment Works

Every day, thousands of people across Australia enjoy the health benefits of Salin Plus, a dry salt air purifier that has been developed as an innovative salt treatment device that provides a convenient and complementary therapy for a wide range of respiratory conditions. To learn more about how salt therapy works, watch the video below.

Salt Therapy at Home – Salin Plus

Salin Plus is the world’s leading Salt Therapy device for home and office use. This international award winning product, with a 12 year proven track record, offers real symptom relief, is 100% natural, convenient and easy to use. Read our many testimonials to see if it is right for you.

SUKI Dehumidifiers – From Damp to Dry

Dust mites thrive in damp conditions, and can aggravate asthma and respiratory allergies. Protect your furniture and clothing from mould. Remove the moisture from your home today with a SUKI dehumidifier. Contact us for expert advice and the best bundle deals!