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Salin Plus – Salt Therapy Range

SUKI – Dehumidifier Range – From Damp to Dry – Goodbye Dust Mites

How Salin Plus Salt Treatment Works

Every day, thousands of people across Australia enjoy the health benefits of Salin Plus, a dry salt air purifier that has been developed as an innovative salt treatment device that provides a convenient and complementary therapy to aid breathing and support your general wellbeing.

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Salt Therapy at Home – Salin Plus

Salin Plus is the world’s leading Salt Therapy device for home and office use. This international award winning product, with a 12 year proven track record, offers symptom relief, in a drug free, convenient and easy to use way. Read our many testimonials to see if it is right for you.

SUKI Dehumidifiers – From Damp to Dry

Dust mites thrive in damp conditions, and can aggravate respiratory allergies. Protect your furniture and clothing from mould. Remove the moisture from your home today with a SUKI dehumidifier. Contact us for expert advice and the best bundle deals!