Founder's Story

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Founder's Story

Salin Plus is the world’s first at-home, dry salt therapy device clinically proven to relieve a wide range of respiratory symptoms so you can breathe better and sleep better. The patented technology was invented in Romania in 1999, by Chemist, Mr. Constantin Pascu and was launched in Australia (2012), then America (2017) by Irish man, Mr. Barry R. Colgan B.E. founder and C.E.O. of Lion Healthcare.

The device won the Gold Medal at the World Exhibition for Innovation, Research and New Technology in Brussels, Belgium in 2002, for its innovative way (non-invasive) of delivering aerosolized salt particles to the upper and lower respiratory system. No longer would respiratory sufferers need to rely on saline sprays/nebulisers or neti-pots for saline rinses.  

Barry first encountered the healing power of halotherapy/salt therapy while on a family holiday in Ireland where several of his friends were using salt therapy devices to manage their children’s respiratory complaints. This piqued his interest in salt therapy and he set about securing the rights to bring Salin Plus home to Australian families.

Barry became a big believer in the power of salt therapy, having seen firsthand the benefits of Salin Plus, which helps his snoring and his wife’s asthma and sinusitis. Barry comments “My wife, won’t sleep without! We have used the product consistently for almost 8 years”.

Barry started out by distributing 30 devices for free to friends with respiratory issues: from snoring and allergies, to asthma, cough and bronchiectasis. After witnessing the results within this small group alone, he was inspired to establish Lion Healthcare and make a sizeable investment to begin promoting the products across Australia.

From small beginnings, shipping products from his home, the word quickly spread, as chronic sufferers finally enjoyed real symptom relief. Within 12 months, product fulfilment moved to a distribution centre in Sydney.

Some of the highlights over the years have been the excellent coverage the product received on primetime national television from A Current Affair and Today Tonight, as well as working with Virgin Airways, who promoted the product to their 10,000 strong cabin crew.

In early 2017, Lion Healthcare secured exclusive distribution rights for the products in North America, following its success in Australia, where an estimated 50,000 families use the product. Lion, registered the products with the FDA, established a fulfilment centre in Phoenix, Arizona, and now has customers in every state, and is growing rapidly, surpassing the Australian business within its first 2 years.

The device was originally launched with a 60-day money back guarantee program which is a unique offering in the medical device industry but indicative of Barry’s belief in the product. The program which still runs today has a return rate as low as 1%, a remarkable result for the wide range of respiratory conditions it is being used to treat.

Barry and his team in Australia and the US believe in this device and its capacity to change lives for the better and are passionate about sharing this with the world.

The most rewarding aspect to running Lion according to Barry, is the regular customer feedback, from mums telling you their little kids are now sick less often and on less medication to elderly people with C.O.P.D., who now have a better quality of life, being able to breathe better and with more energy to do the things they love!