Pregnancy and Salin Plus

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Pregnancy and Salin Plus

Pregnancy affects every part of the body: while some things are to be expected (back aches, reflux, nausea, frequent urination), some unexpectedconditions and illnesses can prove tricky to treat safely. The Salin Plus Salt Therapy device is a 100% natural and safe way to manage a whole host of respiratory complaints, and support optimal immune function during pregnancy.

The device releases therapeutic salt ions, sub five microns in scale and ableto penetrate deep into the lungs and sinuses to cleanse and reduce inflammation, putting an end to breathing discomfort and restless nights. Dry, aerosol salt also has expectorant and anti-bacterial properties: fluidizing mucous, reducing edema and cleansing the air.

How do you know it is safe for pregnancy? The Salin Plus Salt Therapy device uses a low dose of salt, less than 0.1g/day, so it is 100% safe for pregnant women, and newborn babies.

We’ve looked at some of the most common respiratory complaints encountered during pregnancy and how Salin Plus can help:

Pregnancy Rhinitis

One in three women report nasal congestion in pregnancy, also known as Pregnancy Rhinitis. These persistent, uncomfortable cold-like symptoms are partly caused by hormonal changes as the body produces high levels of estrogen,causing the nasal lining to swell andcreate more mucus (runny nose).

There is also an average of 50% more blood circulating the body when pregnant; this can cause blood vessels inside the nose to swell and exasperate congestion (it can also cause nose bleeds!).

Adding insult to injury, all these symptoms tend to intensify in the third trimester; when you need the most rest before baby’s arrival!

Microparticles of dry, aerosol salt released by Salin Plus work to reduce inflammation in the sinuses and fluidize mucous so you can breathe better and sleep better (while you can!).

Sinus Infection

Unfortunately, sinus infections are more common during pregnancy. Symptoms include fever, headache, green or yellow mucous, facial pain or pressure, an ache in the upper jaw, or a reduced sense of smell. Be sure to consult your doctor if you suspect you might have a sinus infection.

The Salin Plus Salt Therapy device works very well in conjunction with medical treatment for sinus infection, and can speed up recovery, as well as relieving some of the more uncomfortable symptoms like sinus pressure and congestion.

Pregnancy Asthma

Pregnancy-induced asthma is one of the most common diseases experienced during pregnancy: even if you’ve never had asthma before! (Coincidentally, women with a history of asthmaoften find the symptoms lessen during pregnancy!)

While the exact cause of pregnancy asthma has not yet been identified,it likely involves hormones. Increased estrogen and progesterone can cause heightened respiratory drive and a feeling of shortness of breath. Fluctuating hormone levels, plus a general increase in sensitivity to allergens can trigger asthma symptoms.

Again, it is essential to see your doctor if you are experiencing difficulties breathing.

When it comes to treating asthma, the Salin Plus Salt Therapy device has a dual benefit: the powerful G4 micro-crystallised pre-filter remove 98% of particles in the air sized 10 µm or greater, cleansing the air of allergens that can irritate your sensitive airways. It simultaneously reduces the occurrence of attacks by relieving inflammation while you sleep.

Cold/Flu/Viral Infections

Nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, a runny nose, sore throat, aches and pains, swollen glands and fever? Sounds like a cold or viral infection.

To be safe, if you present with these symptoms see your doctor. However, the Salin Plus Salt Therapy device can be used for colds and viruses to improve your comfort levels over night by clearing the airways and fluidizing mucous so you can sleep better and get well again, sooner.


Allergies in pregnancy are unpredictable. You might find you are more sensitive to allergens and other airborne irritants than you were before you were pregnant.A stuffy or runny nose with watery mucous, sneezing and itchy eyes, nose, throat, or ears: none of it is pleasant.

Unfortunately, there are few if any antihistamines safe to take when pregnant. The beauty of the Salin Plus Salt Therapy device is that it cleans the air of particles that could set your allergies off; and soothes irritated airways so you can breathe better. It also boosts your immune response to allergens, meaning less reaction in the long term.

There are few naturally-based, medical therapies that generate the kind of safe, drug-free relief that Salin Plus can during pregnancy.

Invest in your health and comfort, Mom! You deserve it.