Salin Plus Salt Pipe: Halotherapy On-The-Go!

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Salin Plus Salt Pipe: Halotherapy On-The-Go!

The technology may be ancient, but the way we access halotherapy is constantly changing, for the better!

The “salt pipe” is a relatively new, portable method for delivering healing salt therapy to the masses.

Portable halotherapy, the new Salin Plus Salt Pipe allows users to take our award-winning technology with you, for when you need it most.

Similarly to the Salin Plus Salt Therapy device, the Salt Pipe draws air in through filters containing therapeutic Romanian rock salt, delivering dry salt particles, sub five microns in size, deep into the respiratory system to:

  • Open the airways: reduce congestion.
  • Soothe respiratory irritation.
  • Ease allergy symptoms.

Lightweight and compact, the Salt Pipe is ideal for travel when exposure to low quality air(allergens, bacteria and pollution) can trigger breathing difficulties and general discomfort.

Of course, the pipe can be used in everyday life, as needed, to treat active conditions like allergy flare ups, colds, coughs and flu.

Better still, unlike other comparable salt inhaler products on the market, the Salin Plus Salt Pipe doesn’t need to be refilled. Simply use as required.

The product has an approximate active lifespan of two years; of course, this is contingent on frequency of use. After two years, the product will need to be replaced.

Just like the Salin Plus Salt Therapy device, the Salt Pipe must be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid flooding the filter and compromising its efficacy.

Fast Facts on Salt Pipes:

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