Salin Plus Replacement Salt Filter Cartridge

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Natural Crystallized Rock Salt

Salin Plus salt is exclusively sourced from Europe’s largest salt mine in Slanic Prahova, Romania. This salt contains over 98% sodium chloride with trace elements of calcium chloride, magnesium and iodine, making it well known for its outstanding therapeutic quality. 

G4 Pre Filter Technology

The Salin Plus salt cartridge includes a G4 Pre Filter that removes 98% of airborne pollutants (at least 10 micron in size), including bacteria, mold spores and pollen.

Replacement and Storage

To ensure optimal performance of the device, the salt filter cartridge should be replaced every four to six months. The Salin Plus salt filter cartridge has a shelf life of two years. If not in use please store in a cool, dry place in its original packaging.


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