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Respiratory issues and allergies have been steadily increasing in countries with high industrial activity. At least 1 in 10 Americans have lung disease. While direct links between air pollution and lung disease are controversial, the number of Americans suffering from such conditions is staggering. 

Strengthen your respiratory range with the Salin Plus Salt Therapy product range. A multi-category product that sits across Cough & Cold, Sinus & Allergy, Home Health, and complements respiratory medication.

Salin Plus has almost 1,500 customer reviews, (with an average review score of over 4.5/5) built up over the last 6 years across different sites, including,, facebook, Amazon, google, and

With over 40,000 families using the product on a regular basis, Salin Plus is truly tried and tested. 94% of customers surveyed recommend Salin Plus for assistance with their respiratory symptoms.

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