Salin Plus - How it Works

The device works in two ways:

  1. Air is drawn into the rear of the device, trapping airborne pollutants in the filter cartridge.

  2. At the same time, air blows through the filter, which blows tiny crystallized salt particles  into your air. When you inhale these salt particles, they work to break up mucus and increase airflow.

If your airways are clogged with mucus, the tiny salt particles will gently draw the fluid away from the mucus, shrinking and drying it out, allowing you to breathe more freely.

The patented, award-winning technology ensures there is no corrosive effect on your environment, and the dosage remains at a safe level, even suitable for those on low-salt diets. Since the dosage is so low, the daily recommended use is 6 to 10 hours, so we suggest using it at night when sleeping.

Salin Plus salt therapy devices are available to purchase online with a 60-day money back guarantee. FREE shipping for all orders within USA and Canada over $50!

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