Salin Plus Salt Air Purifier Therapy Device (Mini)

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Perfect for small rooms and travel, the Salin Salt Therapy Device (Mini) helps cleanse your airways and remove airborne pollutants while you sleep or work.

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This medical device is the smaller version of the original, international award winning Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device.

Dual Action Technology

The Salin Salt Therapy Device (mini) dual action technology works to provide relief in two ways:

  • Targets respiratory problems by removing pollen, dust and other airborne pollutants like a regular air filter  
  • Releases tiny therapeutic salt ions which cleanse your airways

Salt therapy may help to clear congestion in your respiratory system, including nasal and sinus cavities, middle ear canal, throat and lungs.


✚ Asthma ✚ COPD ✚ Cystic Fibrosis
✚ Bronchitis ✚ Sleep Apnea ✚ Allergies/Hayfever
✚ Snoring ✚ Sinusitis ✚ Cold & Flu
 Ear Infections ✚ Post Nasal Drip ✚ Pneumonia, Cold & Flu