Trouble sleeping? Try these 5 Tips

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Trouble sleeping? Try these 5 Tips

Sleep is like a currency for many of us. Sometimes we trade sleep for other things, like work, family or having a good time; though often many of us stay awake at night for other reasons. One thing is for sure - everyone needs sleep, and there are few things more important than a good night’s rest.  The right amount of sleep will improve your heart and immune system health, lift your mood and lengthen your life.

The experience of not being able to sleep at night is not something that you have to live with. This list will give you some tools and ideas to sleep and breathe easy tonight, and every other night too.


Clearing your mind and focusing on your breath is a very effective method of winding down for sleep. Though, if you have trouble breathing at night, it’s not so relaxing!

Breathing trouble can limit the oxygen to your brain, which limits your sleep. Having constricted airways is an unfortunate fact of life for those that live with Asthma, COPD and other respiratory illnesses.

If you use a Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device overnight, tiny, breathable salt particles make their way into your lungs and sinuses as you breathe, forming microcrystals. This helps break up the troublesome mucus in your airways, eases inflammation and opens your airways, allowing you to breathe clearly and relax.


Your brain is hardwired to gear down towards sleep as the sun sets by producing a chemical called melatonin. Sitting in front of a bright screen at night can trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime, slowing down the release of this sleep inducing chemical.

Try to turn off the screen at least an hour before bed to help your brain get ready to rest. Phones are the worst offenders here. If you’re tempted to scroll through Facebook in bed, charge your phone in another room! If your excuse is “I need the alarm on my phone to wake up!” go for a traditional alarm clock instead.


Coughing and sneezing always tends to occur at the most unfortunate times – like while you’re lying in bed trying to rest. Often coughing and sneezing is due to pollens and dust in the air that irritate your sinuses. Try to keep your house – especially the bedroom, clean and clear of dust that would otherwise irritate you at night.

Replacing the filter cartridge for your Salt Therapy Device every four months will keep irritants in your bedroom to a minimum. Tests have shown that the filter performance degrades over time and that after 6 months of continuous use, the filter is no longer providing a therapeutic effect. It’s a great prevention for coughing and sneezing; removing 98% of particles at least 10 microns in size, including virtually all bacteria, mould spores, dust and pollens.


A sleep routine gets you into a rhythm so your body is ready to rest at the right times. Set yourself a time to go to bed every night, and stick to it. Then set a morning time and stick to it too.

For a while you may feel awake and bored in bed at night and tired in the mornings. Just hang in there! Glue yourself to your sleep routine and eventually your body will become accustomed to the times you’ve chosen. During the day, people with a good sleeping routine have higher concentration levels, increased energy and a better memory.


Snoring is very disruptive to a good night’s rest. Anyone with a partner that snores can testify to this. Rather than spending all night smacking your husband or wife to stop them snoring, try a natural remedy, like the Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device.Von wrote in and told us about it:

We have been using our Salin Plus for about 4 years now and it is the only thing that has made any difference to my husband’s snoring. In fact, I can tell when I need to replace the filter by the fact that he starts to snore when it's due for replacement and stops again immediately that the new one is fitted.”

Employing this little list of techniques and tools will help you reclaim your sleep and maintain your well-being.

Photography credit: Alyssa L. Miller