Salin Plus and Me: Optimizing Use

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Salin Plus and Me: Optimizing Use

Salin Plus brings together the best of all worlds: cutting-edge technology (Gold Medal at the 51st World Exhibition for Innovation, Research and New Technology in Brussels, 2002) and low maintenance, meaning there isn’t much that can go wrong with your device!

However, there are some tips and tricks that can help optimize therapeutic benefit and maximize the longevity of your device.


While a generally robust device, humidity can be problematic. In high humidity or damp environments, the dry salt filter will absorb ambient moisture from the air, compromising salt crystal structure and in turn its ability to be distributed in aerosol form. 

If your device is leaking water, the filter has been corrupted by moisture! Unfortunately, the only solution is to replace the filter with a new one and regulate room moisture.

The good news is this issue occurs in only 1% of cases, and with the right precautions, the Salin Plus Salt Therapy device can be used effectively in humid conditions by:

  • Ensuring your room is well insulated from external humidity: close windows and doors, make sure windows and doors are properly sealed, etc.
  • Monitoring humidity using a hygrometer (available for purchase from Salin Plus).
  • Maintaining 50% humidity level: Salin Plus can be used in conjunction with a dehumidifier to regulate humidity.

It is also worth noting that “filter flooding” can occur when the device is not in use! Salin Plus should be stored in a dry, cool place; ideally in its originally packaging. 

Oily air

A little-known fact: oily or greasy environments can also compromise the device’s filter! Avoid using Salin Plus in the kitchen, or around oil burners and diffusers. 


Timely filter replacement goes a long way to ensuring you enjoy maximum benefit from your Salin Plus device! After four months of (recommended) nightly use, salt crystals are eroded meaning the concentration of microparticles dispersed into the air is gradually reduced. In addition to this, the filter will have also collected dust and other pollutants from the air reducing operational efficiency by the end of the four-month period.

Many long-time customers have reported that they “just know” when the filter needs replacing because troublesome symptoms can resurface. The best tip is to schedule four-monthly reminders to replace your filter and keep an eye out for monthly discount codes by signing up for the Salin Plus newsletter. 

(If you pre-purchase your filters, be sure to store them in a dry and cool place to avoid moisture damage.)


To maximize therapeutic benefit, it is important that your device is positioned at or around the same height as your bed, aimed toward you and unobstructed by clutter or furniture. 

Do not place the device on the ground or too high up.

The bedside table is the ideal place for Salin Plus!

Fan Speed

The faster the fan speed, the greater the quantity of air drawn into the device, and concentration of particles released back out into the room. Many long-time customers use the device on the highest setting, every night; others only use it on high during times of illness and reduce speed to maintain health and wellbeing. There is no right or wrong answer! Select the fan speed that suits you best when you need it. 

Changing the filter

  1. Remove the power cord from the back of the device.
  2. Unclip the front cover at the base of the unit and remove it.
  3. Turn the device face and gently shake it to remove the old filter cartridge.
  4. Place the new cartridge into the device, ensuring the salt crystals face outward into the room, and the groove at the base of the filter is in line with the device.
  5. Clip base of cover in first, then snap in top clips.

Don’t send your used filters to landfill, they can be recycled! Refer to our blog for advice on how to prepare your used filters for recycling. 

Visit our FAQ page for more information, or contact us on 1-800-340-2167.